Samogitian Sanctuary (Žemaičių alkas)

Visit Samogitian Sanctuary located on the dune near the health centre “Energetikas” at the end of Jonpaparčio Street during your stay in Šventoji. This is the pagan sanctuary with paleoastronomic observatory that stood on Birute Hill in Palanga in the 15th century and was restored in 1998.

During the restoration of the pagan sanctuary, the wooden columns carved by folk artists were put up in the Samogitian Sanctuary and each of the columns symbolizes the names of mythological gods and goddesses of the Balts: Perkūnas, Aušrinė, Žemyna, Austėja, Ondenis, Patrimpas, Patulas, Velnias, Leda, Saulė and Mėnulis.

When the sun goes down to the sea, these columns help to determine pagan calendar holidays. Now pagan feasts are celebrated here.