House at J. Piktuižio str., Palanga city municipality, Palanga city. 11 Registered in the register of immovable cultural values ​​of cultural heritage on 19.05.1993. Unique object code: 15936. Status: State protected, object significance level: regional. Territory KVR object: 845.00 sq. M. Value by structure: single object. Style: vernacular architecture typical of the seaside. Nature of valuable properties: Archaeological (determining significance); Architectural (determining significance typical); Ethnocultural (determining significance typical). Valuable properties: volume – rectangular plan, 1 a. with an attic, a veranda in the center of the building (mansard raised on the R side; satisfactory condition; FF No. 2-4; 8-11; 2012); the shape of the roof is gable (it is assumed that the roof was originally covered with shingles; condition is good; FF No. 4-6; 2012); wall openings, niches – the type of rectangular window and door openings (-; -; FF No. 10, 13, 16; 2012); the architectural solution of the facades – folk architecture characteristic of the seaside region (-; -; FF. No. 1-6; 2012); architectural volumetric details of the facades – type of veranda on the V facade (extensions were introduced on the R facade to the side of the courtyard; condition is bad; FF No. 2-4, 8-10; 2012); decoration and decoration of facades – type of vertical cladding of wooden boards with slats (-; satisfactory condition; FF No. 16, 17; 2012); type of wooden windsurfers (-; -; FF No. 14, 18; 2012); type of window profiled wooden frame (-; -; FF No. 3, 16; 2012); decoration of the veranda with openwork wood carvings (-; good condition; FF No. 2-4, 22, 15; 2012); structures – strip foundations (-; -; -; 1012); log walls are boarded from the outside (-; -; FF No. 16; 2012); type of wooden roof and wall structures (-; -; FF No. 18, 21; 2012); products of carpentry and other materials – the type of wooden constructions of doors and windows and their splitting (the old windows are preserved in the northern part of the V facade and in the pediments and veranda; poor condition; FF No. 3, 5, 6, 16; 2012); 7.3. The primary and historically established purpose is residential; 7.4. Valuable features of the cultural landscape surrounding the territory or area of ​​the nearest cultural heritage object – the historical part of the city of Palanga u.k.12613, the site of the old town of Palanga u.k.17139 (-; -; TRP; 2012).

J. Piktuižio g. 11, Palangos m., Palangos m. sav.