Palanga today

Palanga is a Lithuanian resort, which promotes wellness and attracts holidaymakers, who want to get away from their daily urban routine and regain their strength from natural sources of wellness – sunshine, the sea, as well as the clean and refreshing seaside and pinewood air.

Fine and soft sand beaches with dunes and surrounding pinewoods are Palanga’s greatest treasure. The green resort with the bridge, offering a path into the sea for those, who come to enjoy the warm sunsets every evening, attracts not only holidaymakers, but also those, who come here to regain their strength. Everyone loves Palanga – some know it as a fun and exciting summer party, while others enjoy its serenity and romantic vibe in autumn or winter. Palanga can offer lots of concerts, sports events and also fun activities for the smallest of seaside visitors.

Palanga has been known as a health and strength-restoring resort even back in the Interwar period. Its natural curative qualities – iodine-saturated air, refreshing pinewood scent, mineral water wells and salty seawater – have been acknowledged by the majority of medical authorities from our country and abroad. Visitors coming to Palanga today can restore their health at numerous SPAs, sanatoriums, wellness centres, which offer all kinds of curative and restoring treatments. One of the greatest summertime pleasures in Palanga is diving into the waves of the Baltic Sea or basking in the sun, cosily settled on the soft and fine beach sand. Birutė Park beach, annually acknowledged as the Blue Flag beach since 2003, can offer exceptional and highest quality rest.