Villa “The White” / Vila „Baltoji“

The villa “Baltoji” (“The White’) was built in 1900-1914. It is one of few brick villas in the resort. After the death of Count Juozas Tiškevičius (1891), the building was inherited by his daughter, Marija Tiškevičūtė.

From 1938, the villa belonged to attorney Vladas (1874—1944), a public figure and a statesman of the Republic of Lithuania. In 1930s, the first president of Lithuania Antanas Smetona and his family used to stay in the villa every year for four weeks during the season. Employees of the Presidential Palace used to come to Palanga together with the President. During the summer, this villa became the summer residence of the President of Lithuania.

During the inter-war period, this villa, located at the intersection of Birutės avenue and J. Basanavičius Street, was an exclusive location of Palanga resort. During the summer, most important politicians and cultural elites stayed here. During the Soviet times, the facades of the villa were severely damaged, the interior plan was changed. In 2006, the building was granted the status of Immovable Cultural Heritage Property of Regional Importance.

Birutės al. 33, Palangos m., Palangos m. sav.