Villa „Mahorta“ / Vila „Mahorta“

In 1899—1900, a wooden villa “Mahorta” rose in Birutės avenue. The two-storey octagonal tower is the most significant accent of the villa. The building, which belonged to Countess Sofija Tiškevičienė before World War l, was later acquired by V. Kudirka.

During the inter-war period, a restaurant was opened in villa “Mahorta” and became a popular entertainment and leisure location of the resort. An orchestra used to play in the restaurant, concerts and dance evenings were organized. The villa was nationalized after World War ll. In 1948, according to a long-term agreement, the villa was rented to Vilnius University for the purposes of employee recreational activities. In 1949, the villa underwent repairs. In 1973, the interior was reconstructed. In 1997, the building was included in the Register of Immovable Cultural Heritage Properties of the Republic of Lithuania.

Birutės al. 35, Palangos m., Palangos m. sav.