The Section Of The State Border Of Ldk Determined By The Melno Agreement II / Melno sutartimi nustatytos LDK valstybinės sienos atkarpa II

On February 12, 2009, a section of the LDK state border established by the Treaty of Melno was entered into the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Register, the signs of which can be seen on the southern outskirts of Palanga. For this facility, which occupies 4 thousand 878 sq. m has been given the status of a regional cultural value and it is indicated that the nature of its valuable properties is engineering (determining significance, important) and historical (determining significance, important). The register indicates that the valuable properties of the object are elements of the earth and its surface: preserved, true, in places partially slipped ditch (up to 0.5 m deep, about 3 m wide at the top, narrowing downwards, bottom – about 0.5 m wide) and embankments – on both sides of the ditch reaching up to 1 m wide and up to 0.3 m high, formed from earth thrown away when digging a ditch. This cultural value dates back to the 15th-20th centuries.




Palangos m., Palangos m. sav.