The sculpture “Fisherman’s daughters”

In 1982, an impressive 4-meter-high sculptural composition “Fisherman’s Daughters” was built in the dunes, at the gates of Šventoji port –

they are three long-haired girls looking out to sea, waiting for their father to return from fishing. The author is Zuzana Pranaitytė.

in 2016 an article published in the “Let’s get together” section of the daily newspaper “Lietuvos rytas”,

which reveals that the work of art that emerged in the dunes in 1982 has another face.

The niece of the author of the sculpture, Zuzana Pranaitytė, Lina Wahl, who lives abroad, told the editorial office that her aunt revealed to her that the sculpture “Fisherman’s Daughters”

not a fisherman’s daughter at all, but three Baltic states, pointed out that Lithuania is in the middle.

States look to the West for help from the Soviet occupation.

The sculpture standing in Šventoji Dunes is a work that demanded the most strength from the author.

According to her niece, her aunt even had to sketch him nine times.

“I remember my aunt doing sketches for The Fisherman’s Daughters.

There were many of them in my aunt’s workshop near Vilnelė.

I loved being there. As a teenager, I posed for my aunt as she sculpted these sculptures.

I was standing on the scaffolding, and my aunt was molding the legs and fingers of my “daughters”.

They gave me some clay to keep me from getting bored. Then they were taken to what was then Leningrad, where they were cast from metal,” said the woman.