Palanga kurhaus

The history of kurhaus is closely related to the Counts Tiskeviciai. In 1877 Count Juozapas Tiskevicius built a spacious restaurant which soon was expanded into a first resort hotel. Kurhaus, named following the traditions from neighbour countries, became a popular venue with upper class holidaymakers, because it not only had a restaurant but also a reading room, billiard and games room. Palanga kurhaus hosted dance events, theatre performances, concerts. On the first floor there was an information desk and resort fee collection point.

After World War II kurhaus became the property of Palanga town. On 25th August 2002, the building was completely destroyed by fire and its reconstruction had begun only after ten years on 30th May 2012. The brick part of kurhaus was rebuilt, authentic mouldings restored, oak parquet flooring was laid and walls were decorated with the same wallpapers as they were back in the time of the Tiskeviciai family. Kurhaus concert hall was decorated with a chandelier from the late 18th century.

Since 2015 Palanga Culture and Youth Center has been actively operating in kurhaus. It is a modern space for cultural education that encourages community participation of different age groups and social backgrounds, fosters ethnic culture, and promotes professional art through various events in Palanga town. Each year Culture and Youth Center organizes over 250 various events: high-quality concerts of various genres, calendar holiday celebrations, festivals and others.

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Kurhaus concert hall-a place for professional art

Nowadays kurhaus concert hall is dedicated to professional art events. Authentically restored hall with exceptional acoustic attracts famous classical music artists from Lithuania and foreign countries. Chamber, choral, jazz and folk music is played here. The hall also welcomes representatives from popular music world. Technical abilities of the hall also allow to organize small theatrical performances.

Contacts: +370 460 48547
Kurhaus concert hall: +370 460 31213