Palanga amber museum

Amber Museum belonging to the Lithuanian National Museum of Art was founded on 3 August 1963 in a former estate of Count Feliksas Tiškevičius. The museum situated in the magnificent palace in the centre of Birute Park is one of the most visited museums in the country.

Museum containing one of the most abundant collections of amber inclusions and pieces in the world has about 30 thousand exhibits in total.

You can get acquainted with the amber formation, trade routes, extraction and processing in Amber Museum that was restored this year.

Areas located on the ground floor of the palace charm visitors with updated historical interiors portraying the life of the counts in this palace. Visitors interested in Palanga and the history of Tiškevičiai family may visit and admire authentic spaces: Hall, Events Hall, Red Salon, Grand Salon, Countess Parlour, Blue Salon, Parlour of the Young Count, Small Salon.

Surroundings of the residence of aristocrats is recreated in these representative halls of the palace where art pieces from the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century from the interiors of manors of the nobility from the collections of Counts Tiškevičiai, other Lithuanian noblemen as well as private collections preserved by Lithuanian Art Museum are displayed. Romualdas Budrys is the author of interior expositions.

Unique amber display enriched with archaeological exhibits and renewed inclusion collection is presented on the first floor. Visitors can look at the brand new amber morphology exhibition.


Opening hours

September to May: Tuesday to Saturday 11.00–17.00. Sunday – 11.00–16.00.

National Holiday Eve – opening hours are shortened for one hour.

June to August: Tuesday to Saturday 10.00–20.00. Sunday – 11.00–19.00.

National Holiday Eve – opening hours are shortened for one hour.