Lithuanian Garrison Officers Club Villa / Lietuvos karininkų ramovės vila

In 1934, Lithuanian garrison officers (from 1924— Lietuvos kariuomenės karininkų ir karo valdininkų klubas (Lithuanian Army Officers and War Officials’ Club)) bought a wooden, two-storey villa on the intersection of Birutės avenue and J. Simpsono Street. The villa was called “Ramovė” (“Romuva”). In 1935, building repairs started.

On 31 December, 1940, the villa and the land plots belonging to it along with the property were surrendered to the Soviet army. In 1945—1993, the villa belonged to various departments: rest house “Neringa”, the Board of the Ministers’ Council Affairs, sanatorium “Jūratė”. On 2 February, 1993, the building along with the land was transferred to the Ministry of Defence. On 15 June,1995, by the Order of the Minister of Defence, Palanga Garrison Officers Club was established. In 2001, it was handed over to Lithuanian Armed Forces and became a division thereof. In 2013, the building was granted the status of Immovable Cultural Heritage Property of Regional Importance.

Today, events and conferences organized by the defence system and Lithuanian Armed Forces are held in the villa, it also accommodates servicemen participating in training. As in the pre-war period, defence system soldiers, civil servants and employees, as well as their family members, can enjoy Lithuanian Garrison Officers Club Villa as a location for recreation. Many soldiers returning from missions come to the villa to improve their health and working capacity.

Birutės al. 46, Palangos m., Palangos m. sav.