Antanas Moncys house – museum

Visit to the house-museum of A. Mončys will leave an impression not only on art lovers but on children as well. Why? At artist’s wish, visitors can touch the sculptures!

Unlike most memorial houses-museums, A. Mončys House does not have direct links to the artist himself. Antanas Mončys (1921 —1993) was a Lithuanian sculptor modernist who moved to the West during World War ll and worked in France. Even though A. Mončys never lived in Palanga, the sculptor, who grew up in neighbouring Kretinga district in Mončiai, always admired the resort. Before his death, the artist donated a large portion of his works to Lithuania, including sculptures that were exhibited in the library building of the previous “Jūratė” sanatorium. Over 200 sculptures, drawings, graphic works, collages, whistles and masks that were given to Lithuania. In 1999, A. Mončys House-Museum was opened. The building of Antanas Mončys Museum was built by Vladas Navickas, the son of a land foreman for Count. The reconstruction of the building was overseen by architect Petras Lapė. In 2010, the building was granted the status of Immovable Cultural Heritage Property of Local Significance.

To convert the building into a museum, exhibition spaces were installed, stylized fragments of the author’s works were used in the exterior: rather than using traditional horse-shaped roof decorations, the main facade was adorned with the elements from illustrations created by A. Mončys for Lithuanian fairy tales by Oskaras Milašius the stair handle was transformed into a whistle created by the sculptor. The first floor of the museum is also an exhibition hall with a constantly changing display. Website: A unique Palanga Fairy Tale Park was opened in 2016 near A. Mončys House-Museum.


Opening hours

I-II – closed

III – VII – 11:00 – 17:00


Ticket price

Adults – 2 €

Students, seniors – 1 €