In our restaurant (Pelikanas) with its soothing views of the Palanga Botanic Park you can enjoy fine European dishes at breakfast time, lunch, dinner, or in the evening with a glass of wine accompanied by fine music, or you can just call in for a cup of delicious coffee.

The world of wine is wide and impressive. We invite you to increase your acquaintance with it through Furstenfass Wines, which can be tasted exclusively in the Pelikanas Restaurant. In German, Furstenfass means “Prince’s Vat”. This term comes from the Middle Ages, when the peasants paid tribute to the local ruler in the form of wine, which was gathered in a huge vat holding more than 64,000 litres, which survives to this day. Furstenfass Wines are certified and have won more than one prize.The Pelikanas Restaurant is becoming renowned for its well-organised official receptions, get-togethers, banquets, musical evenings, weddings and other celebrations.

The Pelikanas Restaurant offers healthy living proponents a special Ying-Yang menu based on the principles of harmony between body and soul, while art lovers’ eyes will be delighted by the constantly-changing display of photographs.