Wind Bike Tours

About us

My moto – be active and enjoy life to the fullest. As a student, I spent my time not only learning about history, but also climbing mountains, riding my bicycle and exploring the world around me whilst engaging in various outdoor activities. My true passion was travelling the world, discovering new countries, and getting to know their people, local customs and cultural differences. I consider myself to be one the few lucky people who have turned their passion into a profession. Since 2005, I have been working in the tourism sector. Having gained more than a decade of experience as a travel guide, I accumulated many great ideas that could be realized only by establishing my own travel agency. That is how WINDBIKETOURS was conceived.

For many, the three pearls of the Baltics – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – are yet to be known and discovered. Our goal is to introduce our clients to the breath-taking nature, manifold history and culinary heritage of these lands.

What makes us truly stand out from the rest? The extensive knowledge of the Baltic history and presence. We will answer any question thus providing our clients with an accurate understanding of these small, yet great nations and their people.

We do everything in our power to provide our clients with second to none travel experience.

Head of the agency and travel guide Vilmante Matutiene and the entire WINDBIKETUORS team.