Palanga fairytales park

Did you know that there is also a Lithuanian fairy tale park in Palanga, not only with enticing environment for visitors, but also with unconventional sculptures and complementary decisions, as the tales can be felt and heared?

The new leisure entertainment area is attractive for visitors of all ages are located near the Birute Park and the Kupeta Art and Entertainment Club. The creation of the Lithuanian fairy tale park involved not only urban managers but also artists who had created attractive sculptures – they had to look for solutions that would combine contemporary art with centuries-old folk art. Each of the sculptures can not only be admired, but also „tried” – to climb, swing separate sculptures or play differently.

Each sculpture is equipped with an information table, where you can not only read the fairy tale, but also, by clicking on the special button, hear it with a subsequent voice. The stories of interest to children are told in Lithuanian and English.