Palanga Swimming Pool

About Palanga swimming pool

Palanga swimming pool is a multifunctional city area of 3500 sq.m. with a pool, wellness centre and public bath. High-quality customer service is ensured by experienced staff and installed innovative solutions. 250 people may spend time in the SPA area and pools simultaneously.

Ecology, efficient management of the building and sustainability of energy resources are important aspects. Palanga swimming pool together with a wellness centre is of energy class A, the building has solar batteries installed, it may be managed in separate areas, there is a big parking lot and some spaces to charge electric cars.

Mission and vision

Our mission is simple, but our vision is clear: we aim at providing equal possibilities to all – both to a primary school pupil and a pensioner, both an amateur athlete and a professional sportsman – to use high-level swimming pool and wellness centre services in Palanga city year-round.

How will we achieve this?

By ensuring a modern complex environment and qualified staff;

By providing conditions for primary school pupils of Palanga city to swim for free, and for senior class students – to improve swimming skills;

By encouraging pensioners to actively engage in organized activities;

By ensuring professional sportsmen with the environment meeting high standards for their training and participation in competitions;

By motivating staff to execute their duties with respect to themselves, their colleagues and visitors.

The values we believe and follow

Communication with visitors and colleagues is based on RESPECT, OPENNESS AND EMPATHY.

CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT ensures the provision of professional services.

We take our impact on the life of city community with RESPONSIBILITY.

SAFETY – both of our visitors and staff – is one of the highest priorities.